Album Cover
Third Wave
The Telescopes
Released: Sep 9, 2002
Label: Isota
Track Listing
1 A Cabin in the Sky
2 3D Jesus Ashtray
3 Tesla Death Ray
4 My Name is Zardak [Drop Your Weaponz]
5 A Good Place to Hide
6 When Nemo Sunk the Nautillus
7 Winter #2 Preview
8 Moog Destroya
9 The Atoms of the Sea
10 You & I Are the Foxboy Noises

Liner Notes

Limited Edtion of 500

Legendary former Creation Records shoegaze recording artists' third full-length album, their first in many long moons. Techno-rock-free jazz experiments with songwriting genius firmly intact. This is the only vinyl edition of the album in the world. Worth the wait indeed.

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