Album Cover
The Whitey On The Moon UK LP
Department of Eagles
Released: Oct 13, 2003
Label: Isota
Track Listing
1 On Glaze
2 Sailing By Night
3 Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002
4 The Piano In The Bathtub
5 Romo-Goth
6 Gravity's Greatest Victory/Rex Snorted Coke
7 Origin Of Love
8 Family Romance
9 Forty Dollar Rug
10 We Have To Respect Each Other
11 The Curious Butterfly Realizes He Is Beautiful
12 The Horse You Ride
13 Ghost In Summer Clothes

Liner Notes

{CD is now available through the American Dust label; Limited Edition vinyl is Sold Out}

Adventurous music with pop structure that comes off like a mix of Randy Newman, Underworld, Ween, and The Strokes, replete with samples-a-go-go, hip-hop beats, fuzzy guitars, and British accents!? The post-modern Simon and Garfunkel.

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