Album Cover
A Johnny Glaze Christmas: Classical Snatches and Samples a Go-Go 2003-2005
Department of Eagles
Released: Mar 13, 2006
Label: Isota
Track Listing
1 Sailing By Night (album version)
2 Sailing By Night (Why?'s Xmas Mix)
3 Sailing By Night (OCTAVIUS version)
4 Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002 (Pedro mix)
5 Winter Coat
6 Day School/Rooster
7 Forty Dollar Rug (Live on KDVS)
8 Sailing By Night (Live on KDVS)

Liner Notes

A new EP including remixes by Why?, Octavius, and Pedro, two new Department of Eagles songs, and the first ever live performances by the band. New artwork by Nat Russell.

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