Album Cover
Major Organ & The Adding Machine
Major Organ & The Adding Machine
Released: Nov 14, 2005
Label: Isota
Track Listing
1 When Father Was Away On Business
2 His Mister's Pet Whistles
3 Kissing Behind the Rubbery Grinder
4 Un, Deux, Trois
5 Your Moonpie Eye
6 Madam Truffle
7 The Fireman's Guitar
8 Moonpie Eye Sensation
9 Swimming, Laughing, Playing
10 Barry's Lung
11 Water Dripping on Bread Makes Bread Taste Not So Tasty.
12 Walking in the Sun
13 Transmission
14 Abe Lincoln's Moustache
15 The Snack Bar
16 Francisco's Victory
17 Powdered Abe Lincoln
18 Do the Moonpie Eye
19 Life Form (Transmission Received)

Liner Notes

First time on vinyl for this modern psychedelic classic which features members of Neutral Milk Hotel, The Olivia Tremor Control, Elf Power, and Of Montreal.

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