Album Cover
La Guitarra
The Absinthe Glow
Released: Sep 3, 2001
Label: Isota
Track Listing
1 Solitude
2 L'Enterrement
3 The Last Words of Padre Soledad
4 Chaos
5 Moises Begins
6 Los Muchachos
7 Don't Fall Asleep
8 Bookend Number Two
9 Me Llamo Innocencia de Las Flores
10 Something Wicked This Way Comes
11 Fait Accompli
12 Hangover
13 Fermin's Last Call
14 Innocencia Perdida

Liner Notes

A tale of love, life, friendship, loyalty, corruption and greed told in both English and Spanish. Recorded over the course of the darkest days in recent history, this conceptual gem deftly combines Joseph Campbell’s Meta Myth, the poetry of Federico García Lorca Elliott Smith, Brian Wilson, Air, and REM into something truly unique.

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